1. How much does Skotti weigh?

Skotti weighs 2,7 kg (with bag 3kg) and fits in easily into a 25 litre backpack.

2. Can i use Skotti in the house or in a tent?

In general, never grill inside. However, you can use it on a balcony or terrace and, of course, at a lake and on the beach.

3. How do i dispose of the gas cartridge correctly?

Empty gas cartridges are not trash, but a resource, and have to be recycled correctly. In Germany, please put them in the yellow bag or the yellow container.

4. Which gas cartridge should i use with Skotti?

Please use a standard 417 screwable, resealable cartridge, which may be used several times. We recommend Primus Wintergas during the winter months.

5. How long does a standard gas cartridge last?

It depends on the season and the gas mixture. The Primus winter gas screwable cartridge uses an optimum gas mixture to increase the performance and absorbable paper to expand the surface for a better gas distribution. A standard screwable cartridge contains 230 grams of gas and lasts approx. 3:48 minutes, i.e. it can be used 19-20 times.

6. How much time does the setup take? Do i need tools?

The grill has an easy tab and slot system and only takes 1 minute to set up. No need for tools at all!

7. How long do i need to wait to take Skotti apart after use?

About 20 minutes. Skotti is completely made from stainless steel and, after it’s cooled down, can be put back into the bag it came in.

8. Where and how do i best clean Skotti?

Caked-on grease can be removed easily by using regular cleaning pads. You can also put Skotti into the dishwasher, if you like. By the way, this also applies to the Skotti bag.

9. What is best grilled with Skotti?

You can easily make meat, fish, vegetables, and campfire bread – and even coffee! Use your imagination and be creative, there are no limits.

10. What is the maximum temperature if Skotti is used with gas?

In summer, it can heat up to 320 °C / 608 °F. During the winter months, it depends on the outside temperature and the gas you use. (Primus) Winter gas with lamellae heats Skotti up to 200 °C / 392 °F. By the way, Skotti has a small zone that, depending on the direction of the wind, can be used to keep grilled food warm.

Data Sheet


2 kg grill only, 2.5 kg including bag, 3 kg including bag and gas cartridge (450 gr)


grill body 1 mm stainless steel, grill rack 3 mm stainless steel


2,3–2,5 kW, 172–187 g/h

Dimensions of grill rack

30.4 x 21 cm (length x width)

Dimensions (set up)

33.6 x 21.9 x 17.6 cm (length x width x height)

Dimensions (packed)

45 x 30 x 3,5 cm (length x width x height/thickness)

Gas cartridge

EN417 screwable cartridge with 7/16 x 28 UNEF threads (butane/propane mixture)


mobile gas grill type Skotti


Vennskap GmbH & Co. KG